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Fist2Face Clothing Co.

Fist2Face Clothing Co. is an original clothing label based in Melb, AUS with strong roots in the Australian punk/rock/emo/hardcore scene. After the closure of the beloved Fist2Face record store in 2014, it was decided that the Fist2Face legacy would commence its next chapter as a standalone clothing label. Fist2Face Clothing Co. will always be about the local music scene, and through band spotlights and sponsorships, gigs and merch collaborations, we will endeavour to continue growing independent local bands, alongside working with up and coming graphic designers and tattoo artists to bring fresh products with the signature Fist2Face feel. 

Fist2Face would also like to do a special shout out to the heart and soul of the Fist2Face record store, Gerard Pidoto, who poured blood, sweat and probably a lot of man tears into growing the store from a little online experiment, into a cornerstone of the Australian music scene. Respect always. And a mini shout out to N.D. for helping set up the original store way back in the early days, without him Fist2Face would never have seen the light of day.

Thank you for supporting the Fist2Face journey, from its birth way back in 2003, through to the new chapter in the Fist2face name!

Fistory: A History of Fist2Face Records 2003-2014

Fist2Face Records began back in 2003, originally as an outlet for small independant bands across Australia to have access to an online merchandise store. The store grew rapidly and soon stocked merchandise for major bands throughout the worldwide punk/emo/hardcore scene. In 2006, the store evolved into a bricks and mortar store in Ringwood, VIC and quickly became much more than simply a record store. Fist2Face was a community for artists and fans of the alternative scene across Melbourne and beyond, with rehearsal studios, hang out areas and an open air stage that featured performances from some of Australia, and the world's most beloved scene bands. 

In 2014, it was announced with much sadness that Fist2Face Records would be shutting it doors for the final time. The 'Farewell Fist2Face' tour proved a huge success, selling out venues across Melb and featuring artists such as The Bennies, Storm the Sky, Antiskeptic and a special 10 year reunion show for Sounds Like Chicken.


About us

Fist2Face Clothing Co - Melb, AUS

Skate punk clothing label, from the ashes of the Fist2Face Records Store, est. 2003


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